How to Sync Fleeting Notes with Obsidian

Fleeting NotesFleeting NotesFleeting Notes is a scratchpad for taking quick short-form notes on your phone or while browsing the web. In the context of Obsidian, it solves the problem of taking quick notes within Obsidian. What makes Fleeting Notes different from other short-form note-taking apps is its ability to build connections between notes and sync with Obsidian through an Obsidian plugin. is a separate network of notes outside of Obsidian. The goal of this plugin sync both these networks of notes into one! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Note: If you are using Android, consider using local file syncLocal Sync in Fleeting Notes: A Quick and Easy SetupAre you looking for an easy way to back up your notes in Fleeting Notes? Or perhaps you want to use it with other local file managers like Obsidian MD? Local sync is the solution for you! In this short post, we'll walk you through the simple steps to set it up. But before we dive into the instructions, let's quickly go over some of the benefits of using local sync: * It provides an alternative way to back up your notes in Fleeting Notes. * It allows you to use Fleeting Notes with other local f to keep your notes synced.

Installation / Setup

  1. Before you begin, you'll need to create an account in the Fleeting Notes App. You can do this by navigating to the settings and registering. Fleeting Notes authentication form

  2. Go to Settings > Community Plugin and turn off the "Restricted mode". With this turned off, you can install the plugin to perform the sync. Install from Community Plugin

  3. Click "Browse" and search for "Fleeting Notes Sync" Browse Community Plugins fleeting-notes-sync-2.png

  4. Install the plugin and ensure you have it enabled Ensure Plugin Enabled

  5. Once enabled click "Fleeting Notes Sync" under Plugin Options > Fleeting Notes Sync. Under here, fill in your username, password, and desired folder location to sync your notes. Fleeting Notes Settings

  6. (Optional) Adjust sync settings:

    1. Toggle the "Sync notes on startup", to run the sync whenever Obsidian is opened.
    2. Change sync type to "Two-way sync" for bi-directional syncImagine Google Keep with Bi-directional Sync to ObsidianTaking quick notes Obsidian isn't great for quick notes. There's additional friction in taking quick notes especially on the mobile app. But, the plugin architecture and backlink support make Obsidian a powerful note-taking tool that's customizable to one's needs. On the other hand, Google Keep is a great note-taking application for jotting quick notes. However, it lacks backlink support and is not nearly as customizable as Obsidian. Each serve it's own purpose, but there's a great opportunit
    3. Adjust note template to your needs (Note: metadata is needed for sync) fleeting-notes-sync-8.png


  1. Now open the command palette and run Fleeting Notes: Pull All Notes from Fleeting Notes Open Command Palette

  2. Your notes will be synced with Fleeting Notes and you will get a notification! Sync Notification

Next Steps

Now that you have your notes synced, see how I process my Fleeting NotesHow I take Fleeting Notes with ObsidianI get a lot of questions asking how I process Fleeting Notes once they land in Obsidian. There are many ways to approach this but here's the best method I found for myself. 1. Setup Obsidian sync with Fleeting Notes 1. Install the Obsidian Dataview plugin 1. Enable the Daily Notes plugin in the Obsidian settings (Also, check out how I use daily notes in Obsidian) 1. Create a template file for the daily notes, and add the path of the file to the Template file location 1. Here's the template I us and how to sync Obsidian links into Fleeting NotesHow to Sync Obsidian [[links]] into Fleeting Notes1. Install the Obsidian plugin (v0.5.2+) Browse Community Plugins 1. Go to the plugin settings and login to the account you setup within Fleeting Notes 1. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and enable "Sync Obsidian [[links]] to Fleeting Notes" sync-obsidian-links.png 1. Once you've enabled it, in Fleeting Notes you should see a new note titled "Links from Obsidian" within the Fleeting Notes app. links-from-obsidian.png 1. Now whenever you type [[ , you will get the same link sug