1. I have trouble signing in. How do I reset my password?How to reset your password in Fleeting NotesTo reset your password go to the Fleeting Notes app, then navigate to the settings. Once you're there click "Trouble signing in?" and follow the steps to reset the password. Note: The password reset email usually ends in the spam folder

2. How do I sync Fleeting Notes with Obsidian?How to Sync Fleeting Notes with ObsidianFleeting Notes is a separate network of notes outside of Obsidian. The goal of this plugin sync both these networks of notes into one! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Also, checkout my youtube video if you like that format better. Installation / Setup 1. Before you begin, you'll need to create an account in the Fleeting Notes App. You can do this by navigating to the settings and registering. Fleeting Notes authentication form 1. Go to Settings > Community Plugin an

3. Fleeting Notes Obsidian Plugin is not syncing correctly. How do I fix it?How to fix Obsidian plugin syncThere could be a number of reasons as to why the sync doesn't work. Here are some steps to follow to ensure the sync works as expected. If you haven't gotten sync to work 1. Navigate to the plugin settings and check that the email, password. Ensure there is no whitespace 1. If you've enabled encryption in the app ensure that you have the encryption key in the plugin settings 1. If you haven't already try changing the "Sync type" to one-way sync 1. Try sync again Changing from one-way sync to

4. How do I export notes and where can I find them?how to export notes in Fleeting NotesNote: If you can't find the exported files, you can also use local file sync to export your files in markdown. 1. Go to the settings and select export format (Markdown or JSON) export fleeting notes 1. Click the Export button 1. The file location of the exported files: * Web App / Browser Ext: downloads folder * iOS: Application Documents Directory * Android: Saved in Android/data/com.fleetingnotes/files


1. How secure is the sync in Fleeting Notes?How secure is Fleeting Notes syncWhen notes are sent to the server, they're transferred through SSL. Within the server, notes will be stored in plain text. For an added layer of security, end-to-end encryption can be enabled. This makes notes inaccessible by us or any potential eavesdroppers such as your internet service provider. We use industry-standard AES-256 to encrypt your data for E2EE. AES-256 is a military-grade encryption specification that's widely used in for example online banking.


1. I've subscribed to FN, how do I cancel my subscripton?How to access Fleeting Notes customer portal1. Go to https://payments.fleetingnotes.app 1. Log in to your account, then click "Access customer portal" (and give it some time to load) payments portal 1. Now in the customer portal you will be able to: - Cancel your subscription - View receipts / invoices - Update billing information