Imagine Apple Notes, synced with Obsidian

Your Ideas, Instantly in Obsidian: The Open-Source Tool Making Note-Taking Effortless


Tired of Manually Transferring Notes to Obsidian?

I know typical PKM tools aren't built for quick capture. With Fleeting Notes, you can capture ideas that sync directly with your knowledge base

Features top

Everything you need for quick capture

Take your workflow to the next level and make quick capture actually quick

But wait... There's more

Here are some highly requested features you ought to know :)

End-to-end Encryption

Ensure that your notes are accessible to you and ONLY you

Offline First

Access and edit your notes without an internet connection

Easy Export

Export all your notes in Markdown or JSON format

Open Source

Ensures transparency and honesty in every line of code

Android/iOS Home Widgets

Access your notes directly from your home screen

Local file sync

Sync notes with your local filesystem in markdown format

What our users say

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