connecting ideas is powerful

  • encourages you to revisit old ideas and improves learningconnecting ideas improves learningAccording to Bloom's Taxonomy, we need to draw connections between ideas in order to fully understand the material on the whole. This is the case because the brain is a network of ideas,draw%20connections%20between%20ideas,-%2C%20utilize%20critical%20thinking.
  • helps you discover new ideas through connections.
  • allows you to reuse your ideas in a different contextinteroperable components are efficientBecause interoperabile components are self-contained, they can be reused in different situations and are easily maintainable (changing one, updates all). Related: notes/reuse code for efficiency and maintainability.

Related: notes/the brain is a network of ideasthe brain is a network of ideasOur work through a network of neurons and these connections are strengthened based on the use which is why if you dont use it, you lose it.,over%20multiple%20scales%20of%20time