This is a unique note organization method that functions in a similar vein to a brain—through the connection of ideasconnecting ideas is powerful* encourages you to revisit old ideas and improves learning. * helps you discover new ideas through connections. * allows you to reuse your ideas in a different context. Related: notes/the brain is a network of ideas. It is proven to promote learningconnecting ideas improves learningAccording to Bloom's Taxonomy, we need to draw connections between ideas in order to fully understand the material on the whole. This is the case because the brain is a network of ideas https://tophat.com/blog/blooms-taxonomy/#:~:text=Here%2C%20students%20can-,draw%20connections%20between%20ideas,-%2C%20utilize%20critical%20thinking and isn’t restricted by any hierarchical structure. As a result, note discovery is as simple as “following a train of thoughtfollowing a train of thoughtfollowing a train of thought is akin to traversing a network of ideas. One idea can lead to a number of connected ideas, which is why notes/having more connections is better”.

Also see the two principles of zettelkastentwo principles of zettelkastenPrinciple of Atomicity**: Limit notes to a single topic for interoperability * See How to create useful links Principle of Connectivity**: Connect information together https://zettelkasten.de/posts/overview/#principles