the brain is a network of ideas

Our work through a network of neurons and these connections are strengthened based on the use which is why if you dont use it, you lose itif you dont use it, you lose itBecause our body adapts, if we don't use something, we will lose it..,over%20multiple%20scales%20of%20time


connecting ideas improves learningAccording to Bloom's Taxonomy, we need to draw connections between ideas in order to fully understand the material on the whole. This is the case because the brain is a network of ideas,draw%20connections%20between%20ideas,-%2C%20utilize%20critical%20thinkingconnecting ideas is funOn top of being powerful, it is fun to connect ideas because we gain new insights from making connections and our brains function through connections.connecting ideas is powerful* encourages you to revisit old ideas and improves learning. * helps you discover new ideas through connections. * allows you to reuse your ideas in a different context. Related: notes/the brain is a network of ideasits not natural to organize things in groupsIt's not intuitive for us to organize things by groups (e.g. folders and tags) because the brain is a network fo ideas.the brain has an organic structurenotes/the brain is a network of ideas. The structure is dynamic and grows unlike notes/organization with the tree structure.Confused On How To Manage Your Notes? Try This Simple Workflow.If you ever took notes on an article, video, or podcast and had no idea do with it, you're in the right place. Many existing solutions suggest adding tags, and creating many layers of nested folders. But oftentimes we find ourselves with folders with too many files or tags with too few members. The fault isn't in the person but in the note-taking system itself. My goal is to create a simple workflow where the content of the note organizes the note. This effectively eliminates the third step wheI believe Zettelkasten is the future of note organizationThe number one goal with note organization is to make it easy to find notes when we need them. That being said, we often don't know when or what note we need. It's the reason full-text search isn't the single solution to note organization. The problem with grouping That's where folder and tags come into play. We use folders and tags to group similar notes together, but it becomes problematic once we accumulate hundreds of notes. As more notes are taken, more folders/tags are needed. Otherwise,