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How to take Fleeting 'programming' Notes in Obsidian

While programming, I often spend a lot of time searching for things that I already know. Which is why taking programming notes can be so useful. It creates a personalized "cache" of notes. But how do I create meaningful programming notes that I can always go back to? Well stay here to find out! To create programming notes, I always start off with a title. I typically start with "how to" and end with "in {insert relevant language / framework}". This title succinctly explains the solution to the
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Quick Notes that Automatically Sync with Obsidian

I've said it before, but taking quick notes is a hassle in Obsidian. Fleeting Notes is one of the first apps to tackle this problem and it's made it easy to take fast and connected short-form notes. Combined with an Obsidian plugin, it quickly has become the go to tool to take quick notes and have them synced with Obsidian. But it doesn't end there. Previously, before v0.3.2 of the plugin, sync only occurred after running the "sync command" or by enabling the "sync on startup". In other words,
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Transfer Quick Notes to Obsidian on your Phone! (1 Minute)

Are you tired of waiting for Obsidian to load? Well wait no longer! Because Fleeting Notes provides a quick and easy way to take quick notes and have them automatically synced to Obsidian. Combined with a multitude of features you know and love from Obsidian, Fleeting Notes will fit perfectly into your workflow. To list a few: * Blazing-fast launch speeds to take note of your fleeting ideas * Autocomplete wikilinks to help build your network of ideas * A link-first UI to make link traversal si
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How to Build Connections in Obsidian (1 MINUTE)

So you've built a fantastic note-taking workflow but now you have some questions about connections like: * Why do I want to connect notes? * When do I create links or notes? * How do I title notes? In the next minute, I'll answer all of these questions and provide a process for creating and connecting notes. This workflow is heavily inspired by the Zettelkasten method. Why do I want to connect notes? * It allows us to: * Reuse notes in different context * Resurface past content which rei
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Simplest Obsidian Workflow in 1 Minute

* When we first open Obsidian, we're overwhelmed with what to do. * How should I take notes? * How do I organize notes? * How do i make a beautiful graph of connections? * This video is the simplest way to get started with Obsidian in 1 minute Steps: 1. Use daily notes. In these daily notes, you will write everything that happens for that day. Whether you're in a meeting, in a class or taking quick notes. 1. Use Headings to help organize the daily note 1. Use Tags to help categorize thes
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End to end encryption in Fleeting Notes

Privacy and security are a big concern for many users. Especially with something as personal as note-taking this is doubly important. In a survey within my discord channel, for every person that wanted markdown support in Fleeting Notes, 7 people wanted end-to-end encryption. With such high demand for E2EE, I had no choice but to work hard to add this crucial feature into the application. end-to-end encryption discord poll Enabling E2EE in Fleeting Notes 1. Navigate to the settings in the Fle
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