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How I Migrated 1000+ Users from Firebase to Supabase

When beginning my journey as a Flutter developer, I thought Firebase would be the best backend solution for Flutter. Given that both are made by Google, I thought this would be the backend that would be the most stable and flexible. I was wrong. The lack of full native Dart support, slow build times, sketchy workarounds, and no desktop support led me searching for another solution. After many hours of research, I was faced with the choice between two frameworks: Appwrite and Supabase. Both were
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My ADHD Note-taking Journey

I can't retain a thought for more than 5 minutes. I always hop into different tasks before finishing them. At the same time, I always want to understand "why" but never get the chance to piece things together thanks to my scattered thoughts. As a divergent thinker, I wanted something to help piece together my random thoughts and make sense of this madness I call my brain. I've tried traditional organizational techniques with folders and tags and never could figure out a good system. It would st
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Filter Fleeting Notes synced to Obsidian

As of plugin v0.3.6 of the Fleeting Notes app: When syncing Fleeting Notes to Obsidian, it's often desirable to only sync certain Fleeting Notes. Everyone has their own workflow and we thought it'd be best to be as accommodating as possible. So, we came up with a solution to allow users to filter Fleeting Notes that are synced into Obsidian based on the text in the note. To enable this feature, go into the Fleeting Notes settings and find the setting to "Notes filter text". Add whatever notes
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Our vision for Fleeting Notes

We haven't spoken with many people about my plan with Fleeting Notes but the ultimate goal is to make connected note-taking widespread. Well, what do we mean by that? For something to be widespread, it needs to be simple and easy to adopt. Right now it's not simple and easy to adopt any connected note-taking system. Youtube is littered with these complicated workflows that overcomplicate building connections. Our idea of a simple workflow is to write insightful ideas and build atomic notes to
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Highlighting from the browser to Obsidian, an alternative solution

One of the most common ways of capturing content from the web is by highlighting/annotating content. There are many different tools to accomplish this like Readwise, raindrop.io, and Hypothesis. These highlighting solutions are fantastic and have an easy sync with Obsidian. But there comes an issue with processing these highlights/annotations. It's not clear how to utilize or store highlights/annotations especially if it isn't something planned to be used immediately. One key feature of Obsidia
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Fleeting Notes Roadmap

See my github project for the most up to date timeline: In Progress (Coming in 1-3 weeks) * Material UI 3 Flutter Redesign * Required for developer extendable functions: * Better two-way local sync * Refactor auto-complete for slash commands Backlogged (Coming in 1-3 Months) * Developer extendable functional commands (via slash commands) * Desktop App Support (Mac, Winows, Linux) * Upgrade mobile toolbar with markdown editing options in Aa button * Safari browser extension Planning * B
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