Our vision for Fleeting Notes

We haven't spoken with many people about my plan with Fleeting Notes but the ultimate goal is to make connected note-taking widespread. Well, what do we mean by that?

For something to be widespread, it needs to be simple and easy to adopt. Right now it's not simple and easy to adopt any connected note-taking system. Youtube is littered with these complicated workflows that overcomplicate building connections.

Our idea of a simple workflowThe simplest way to use Zettelkasten for note managementEverywhere I look, I find complicated Zettelkasten workflows that require a multi-step setup process. On top of the setup, notes must be regularly reviewed and categorized. For some, this workflow may be a godsend, but for most, it's overkill. I'm here to unveil my method of using Zettelkasten. It may be unconventional, so beware. Zettelkasten Concepts Zettelkasten can be distilled into two principles: take atomic notes and make connections. What this means is to take notes that are limited to is to write insightful ideas and build atomic notes to expand on different things while writing. Where these atomic notes can be reused in future notes to quickly flesh out notes. As a programmer, I find this especially exciting because it's like having functionsprogramming functionsA function is simply a “chunk” of code that you can use over and over again, rather than writing it out multiple times. https://www.futurelearn.com/info/courses/programming-102-think-like-a-computer-scientist/0/steps/53095 but for your notes.

Currently, the majority of people use Fleeting Notes as an entry point for their ideas or notes. But our vision for Fleeting Notes is a one-stop shop to quickly capture and organize all notes. We want it to be so easy to use, intuitive, and powerful knowledge management tool with the option to extend to other note-taking tools. Apps like Apple Notes are easy-to-use but aren't equipped to deal with knowledge management. However, there are many that try. Here's a meme from reddit as proof.

mid wit meme note-taking

These plans are for much further down the line (like multiple years). In the coming months, we'll focus on improving integration with Obsidian (plus potentially other note-taking tools) and creating better user experiences.