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How to Connect your Notes (Obsidian, Logseq, etc.)

With apps like Obsidian and Logseq, building connections between notes has never been easier. Simply add double-square brackets and you’re good to go. But the thing is, it’s hard to know when to connect your notes. When notes are overly connected or sparsely connected the whole network of notes becomes less effective. In this post, I’ll walk you through my best method of connecting notes. Steps 1. Begin writing a note about anything 1. You come across a topic that you think will probably come
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A Home Widget (iOS / Android) for Fleeting Notes

Let me get this straight, I love link-based note-taking apps, the features, the plugins, and the community. Everything is fantastic, except for the speed of taking notes. For this reason, many people use other apps for quick capture (e.g. Apple Notes, Google Keep). These apps solve the problem of quick capture, but, don't integrate well with Obsidian (I use Obsidian personally). Since I'm not up for manually transferring notes from a quick capture app to Obsidian, I decided to create an alterna
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Improve Note-taking by Organizing Notes like Code

Note organization is very opinionated. There is no shortage of ways to organize notes and everyone seems to have their own method of doing it. Although these methods are great for the short term, as the number of notes grows it becomes difficult to manage notes with these self-made systems. Funnily enough, the very same thing happens to programmers as well. As code gets more complex, it becomes harder to manage code. Now the difference between the two is that poorly managed code has real tangib
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How I Migrated 1000+ Users from Firebase to Supabase

When beginning my journey as a Flutter developer, I thought Firebase would be the best backend solution for Flutter. Given that both are made by Google, I thought this would be the backend that would be the most stable and flexible. I was wrong. The lack of full native Dart support, slow build times, sketchy workarounds, and no desktop support led me searching for another solution. After many hours of research, I was faced with the choice between two frameworks: Appwrite and Supabase. Both were
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Features on the verge of release 2022-10-01

If you've read my post about local sync, I've talked a lot about the new local sync feature. But one big problem with this is the inability to interact with local files from within the browser. This makes it impossible to sync notes locally on the web version of Fleeting Notes. So I decided it was time to add desktop support for Fleeting Notes. This is no small undertaking and it'll involve overhauling the existing infrastructure within Fleeting Notes. Over the last week, I've been iteratively
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An alternative (local only) sync solution for the Fleeting Notes App

In the upcoming version of Fleeting Notes (v0.5.0), local sync is going to make an appearance! In other words, notes taken will automatically be synced to local storage specified by you. That's cool and all, but what does that mean for you? First off, it means that your notes are automatically backed up locally. This means that even if you uninstalled Fleeting Notes, notes will be stored in markdown files in your local storage. A second advantage is that other local markdown note-taking applica
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