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An Update to the Best Browser Extension for Obsidian

I've done a speal on webclipping in the past, but some feedback has made me realize that simply copying the URL is not webclipping. For Fleeting Notes to truly become a web clipper, it needed a way to capture raw content from the web. Which is why I've added highlights into Fleeting Notes. With this feature, you can now easily capture highlights and the source URL directly into Fleeting Notes. Additionally, I've gotten many requests from people to add a way to keep Fleeting Notes opened persist
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The Best Web Clipper for Obsidian

Let's be real, most web clippers suck. They either give limited functionality for an application or don't provide enough functionality to be anything more than a web clipper. For me, I wanted a quick way to take connected notes from the web and sync it with Obsidian. However, I couldn't find anything that could do that for me. So I created something that did just that. A fully-fledged note-taking app that makes with bi-directional linking that fits nicely into the browser and syncs with Obsidian
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Create Notes in Obsidian via SMS or Phone Call with Fleeting Notes

We've been listening intently to your feedback, and we're excited to introduce a feature that is set to revolutionize your note-taking experience. Leveraging the universal integration of phone and SMS services, we've crafted a way for you to create notes in Obsidian through SMS or a simple phone call, facilitated by the Fleeting Notes app. And the best part? This opens up note-taking capabilities through platforms like Apple Watch, Siri, Google Assistant, WearOS, and more! What’s New We are br
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Using Fleeting Notes for Seamless Web Access to Obsidian

Just the other day, after having another insightful conversation with a user of Fleeting Notes, I was struck by a revelation. A lot of you might be familiar with the multiple use cases for Fleeting Notes, but what I've come to appreciate is how instrumental the web access for Fleeting Notes can be. Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine being at work, restricted to using only the official tools and websites. But an idea hits you or you come across some information you want to quickly add to y
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How to Extract Text from Images using Fleeting Notes

Has there ever been a moment when you looked at an image - perhaps a screenshot or a photo - and wished you could just pluck the text from it, to save or share in your Fleeting Notes? Maybe it was an inspiring quote, a recipe, or a nugget of wisdom you wanted to hold onto. Well, good news for you, because now you can do just that! With our OCR plugin, your Fleeting Notes now has a neat trick up its sleeve: Optical Character Recognition. This means it can see the text in your images and turn it
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