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AI Webpage Summarizer for Obsidian

Have you ever stumbled upon an article while browsing the web and thought, "Man, I wish I could get a summary of this article right into Obsidian!" Well, now you can! With the amazing Fleeting Notes plugin, summarizing web articles and seamlessly integrating them into your notes has never been easier. Here's how it works: simply open the Fleeting Notes browser extension, setup the plugin, then run the plugin command summarize-source (adjustable alias). This command fetches the content of the a
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Features on the verge of release 2022-10-01

If you've read my post about local sync, I've talked a lot about the new local sync feature. But one big problem with this is the inability to interact with local files from within the browser. This makes it impossible to sync notes locally on the web version of Fleeting Notes. So I decided it was time to add desktop support for Fleeting Notes. This is no small undertaking and it'll involve overhauling the existing infrastructure within Fleeting Notes. Over the last week, I've been iteratively
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An alternative (local only) sync solution for the Fleeting Notes App

In the upcoming version of Fleeting Notes (v0.5.0), local sync is going to make an appearance! In other words, notes taken will automatically be synced to local storage specified by you. That's cool and all, but what does that mean for you? First off, it means that your notes are automatically backed up locally. This means that even if you uninstalled Fleeting Notes, notes will be stored in markdown files in your local storage. A second advantage is that other local markdown note-taking applica
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The Best Way to take Youtube Notes for Obsidian

Right now, taking notes from Youtube (YT) to Obsidian sucks. To take YT notes, I need to manually copy the timestamp of the video, annotate the video with the correct timestamp, and put all of this in Obsidian. If I don't keep track of the timestamp, coming back to the video requires me to sift through the video to find where my note is referencing. I don't like this manual work so I decided to add a better way in Fleeting Notes (FN). When taking Youtube notes in Fleeting Notes, the YT timestam
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3 Ways to Process Fleeting Notes within Obsidian

A big pain point with taking Fleeting Notes is the ability to integrate these raw unprocessed notes into your Obsidian vault. I know people have different requirements so I will be walking through three different workflows for processing Fleeting Notes. That being said, if you have another workflow or like a particular workflow, I'd love to hear more about it in the comment section! 1. Don't Process Them! (My Recommendation) My number one recommendation is to NOT process Fleeting Notes within
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The Best Browser Extension for Obsidian

A big pain point some people have with Obsidian is the difficulty in capturing content from the web directly into Obsidian. Although there are solutions like Raindrop, Hypothesis, or any note-taking browser extension, it's often tiresome to integrate these web clippings or highlights directly into your vault. To top it off, these browser extensions don't support one of Obsidian's key feature: building connections between notes Fleeting Notes was built ground up with Obsidian in mind. The app s
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