Features on the verge of release 2022-10-01

If you've read my post about local syncAn alternative (local only) sync solution for the Fleeting Notes AppIn the upcoming version of Fleeting Notes (v0.5.0), local sync is going to make an appearance! In other words, notes taken will automatically be synced to local storage specified by you. That's cool and all, but what does that mean for you? First off, it means that your notes are automatically backed up locally. This means that even if you uninstalled Fleeting Notes, notes will be stored in markdown files in your local storage. A second advantage is that other local markdown note-taking applica, I've talked a lot about the new local sync feature. But one big problem with this is the inability to interact with local files from within the browser. This makes it impossible to sync notes locally on the web version of Fleeting Notes.

So I decided it was time to add desktop support for Fleeting Notes. This is no small undertaking and it'll involve overhauling the existing infrastructure within Fleeting Notes. Over the last week, I've been iteratively migrating small pieces of the application to the new infrastructure. With this new infrastructure, it'll improve performance and make it a lot easier to release new features faster.

After the desktop applicationFleeting Notes RoadmapSee my github project for the most up to date timeline: In Progress (Coming in 1-3 weeks) * Material UI 3 Flutter Redesign * Required for developer extendable functions: * Better two-way local sync * Refactor auto-complete for slash commands Backlogged (Coming in 1-3 Months) * Developer extendable functional commands (via slash commands) * Desktop App Support (Mac, Winows, Linux) * Upgrade mobile toolbar with markdown editing options in Aa button * Safari browser extension Planning * B, I'm going to experiment with note-sharing, better markdown support, and two-way sync support. Of course, all of these changes are tentative and dependent on user feedback.

If you do have any feedback, don't hesitate to comment on this post or join the discord community!