Seeking a Technical Co-founder: Obsidian Publish Alternative for Businesses

Hello there! As the creator of Fleeting Notes, a note-taking app designed to capture bite-sized information into Obsidian, I'm on the hunt for a technical co-founder.

I envision us working parallelly. While I continue shaping Fleeting Notes, you'll be molding an innovative product—an Obsidian Publish alternative, tailored for businesses. When the time comes, we'll part ways as separate companies. Sounds exciting, right?

Here's the deal: You'll walk away with a whopping 90% of the company, with me retaining 10%. But what's more?

  • Instant customer base: Starting with me and Fleeting Notes.
  • Mentorship: You'll have a friend and mentor to navigate tricky waters.
  • Knowledge Transfer: I'll offer my expertise and experience from growing Fleeting Notes.
  • Implementation Ideas: I can lend my ideas for the solution if you're up for it.
  • Technical help: I'll help with technical issues if they arise

Reinventing Documentation with an Obsidian Publish Alternative

Why take this path? It's simple, really. I'm a firm believer in the power of atomic notesatomic notesEach atomic note contains one idea and one idea only. This way, it’s easier to form connections across topics and contexts. If your notes are too broad, you might not notice when you encounter some new idea about one of the notions contained within, and links to that note will be muddied. If your notes are too fragmented, you’ll also fragment your link network, which may make it harder to see certain connections., and I see the potential to apply these concepts to business operations.

Our new venture is set to revolutionize business documentation:

  • A centralized place in Obsidian for all your documentation needs.
  • Harness Obsidian's powerful linking features.
  • Share documents online directly from Obsidian.
  • Fully customize the website's aesthetics with React.
  • Backlinks on the website, even outside markdown files.

My MVP: linked-blog-starter

The proof of concept? I've already designed a custom solution, an MVP, for the Fleeting Notes website, called the linked-blog-starter. The best part? It's completely open source! Though my commitments with Fleeting Notes leave me little time for upkeep, the linked-blog-starter has thrived, growing organically, reinforcing my belief that it can open new avenues for Obsidian MD in businesses.

Let's Do This Together

Ready to join me on this thrilling ride? If yes, fill in this form and I'll reach out. Together, let's reshape how businesses manage documentation!