Simplest Obsidian Workflow in 1 Minute

  • When we first open Obsidian, we're overwhelmed with what to do.
    • How should I take notes?
    • How do I organize notes?
    • How do i make a beautiful graph of connections?
  • This video is the simplest way to get started with Obsidian in 1 minute


  1. Use daily notes. In these daily notes, you will write everything that happens for that day. Whether you're in a meeting, in a class or taking quick notes.
  2. Use Headings to help organize the daily note
  3. Use Tags to help categorize these headings exclusively for searching. Generally I have a list of predefined tags but you can do what you want.
  4. LinksHow to Build Connections in Obsidian (1 MINUTE)So you've built a fantastic note-taking workflow but now you have some questions about connections like: * Why do I want to connect notes? * When do I create links or notes? * How do I title notes? In the next minute, I'll answer all of these questions and provide a process for creating and connecting notes. This workflow is heavily inspired by the Zettelkasten method. Why do I want to connect notes? * It allows us to: * Reuse notes in different context * Resurface past content which rei will only be for expanding upon a concept while writing a note. This concept can be generic concepts or highly personalized ones. Some example include: time is money, how to fold laundry my mom's way, pythagorean's theorem. That being said, one important point is to WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
  5. Just write! Write random thoughts while on walks, browsing the internet, or doing anything. By writing more, you may finally have the best graph to show to all your friends!