How I take Fleeting Notes with Obsidian

I get a lot of questions asking how I process Fleeting Notes once they land in Obsidian. There are many ways to approach this but here's the best method I found for myself.

  1. Setup Obsidian sync with Fleeting NotesSetup cloud Obsidian syncInstallation / Setup 1. Before you begin, you'll need to create an account in the Fleeting Notes App. You can do this by navigating to the settings and registering. Fleeting Notes authentication form 1. Go to Settings > Community Plugin and turn off the "Restricted mode". With this turned off, you can install the plugin to perform the sync. Install from Community Plugin 1. Click "Browse" and search for "Fleeting Notes Sync" Browse Community Plugins fleeting-notes-sync-2.png 1. In
  2. Install the Obsidian Dataview plugin
  3. Enable the Daily Notes plugin in the Obsidian settings (Also, check out how I use daily notes in ObsidianSimplest Obsidian Workflow in 1 Minute* When we first open Obsidian, we're overwhelmed with what to do. * How should I take notes? * How do I organize notes? * How do i make a beautiful graph of connections? * This video is the simplest way to get started with Obsidian in 1 minute Steps: 1. Use daily notes. In these daily notes, you will write everything that happens for that day. Whether you're in a meeting, in a class or taking quick notes. 1. Use Headings to help organize the daily note 1. Use Tags to help categorize thes)
  4. Create a template file for the daily notes, and add the path of the file to the Template file location
  5. Here's the template I use (adjusted template for weekly notesDataview template for weekly notesSource: Fleeting Notes LIST FROM "FleetingNotesApp" WHERE dateformat(created_date, "ww-yyyy") = dateformat(date(split(, " ")[0]), "ww-yyyy") Tasks from Fleeting Notes TASK FROM "FleetingNotesApp" WHERE !completed My Notes):
## Fleeting Notes
FROM "FleetingNotesApp"
WHERE created_date = date({{title}}) 

## Tasks from Fleeting Notes
FROM "FleetingNotesApp"
WHERE !completed

## My Notes

Now with this template, I can see all the Fleeting Notes I've created for the day and the leftover tasks that I've created for myself in Fleeting Notes. What's great about this is that the Dataview queries are fully customizable and can be changed to fit whatever workflow you have.