The New Way To Write Connected and Personalized Blogs

So originally my blog was hosted on It used WordPress which was good for typical blogging, but I wanted more than that. I wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of connected notes and the best way to do that was to lead by examplelead by exampleLeading by example makes followers more inclined to follow. Hence, I created a website with Jekyll using a digital garden template. And because interoperable components are efficientinteroperable components are efficientBecause interoperabile components are self-contained, they can be reused in different situations and are easily maintainable (changing one, updates all). Related: notes/reuse code for efficiency and maintainability I write less while providing more value.

Since content is condensed into atomic bits, I can create highly personalized blog posts that allow the reader to dive deeper into whichever idea they find interesting. Knowing that time is the most valuable resourcetime is the most valuable resourceWe don't live forever and time is the one thing that we're constantly losing as we go through our lives., I can save both your time and mine! I believe the future is personalizationthe future is personalizationAlgorithms and computers have already provided solutions to many problems. The next step is to provide personalized solutions which is why AI is so popular. (e.g. personalized ads) and creating an interconnected system through Fleeting Notes is a way to achieve this.