Why I Want You on the Annual Plan

Building Fleeting Notes has been quite an adventure, and I've now reached an interesting crossroad. The question looming large in my mind is - should I continue along this path of gradual growth or should I aim for something bigger, something faster?

If you know me even a little, you can probably guess my answer - I want Fleeting Notes to grow faster!

However, to make that leap, I need to put more of the profits back into the business. That's why I've hired a part-time colleague, an ace developer, to supercharge our development efforts. Now with them on board, I can focus on other important aspects of Fleeting Notes, like exploring new avenues in search engine marketing and possibly even diving into affiliate marketing. If any of you are content creators, I'd love to connect with you - I'm open to sharing a portion of the profits!

Despite the progress we've made, Fleeting Notes is currently only bringing in a few hundred dollars a month. It's a start, but it's not enough to properly compensate my hardworking teammate, Gonzalo (Big shout out to you, Gonzalo!). That's why I'm turning to you, my incredible users, to help us grow.

My first plan of action? Encouraging users to switch to an annual subscription. This approach will give us the much-needed funds upfront, which can go towards paying Gonzalo for his stellar work. To facilitate this, I'm offering a limited-time discount on annual plans (25% off) for those who want to switch from their current monthly plan. Simply head over to the payments portal and update your plan. Keep in mind, though, this offer is only available to our existing subscribers.

  1. Go to https://payments.fleetingnotes.app
  2. Login and see the customer portal, and click "Update Plan" Pasted image 20230614162744.png
  3. Select the yearly plan and see that it is cheaper than the normal yearly plan Pasted image 20230614163509.png

I'm really excited about what lies ahead and I hope you are too. With your help, I'm sure we can reach our goal of making Fleeting Notes bigger and better. Let's make it happen!