A Personal Update: Feb 15, 2022

Nurturing Current Users vs Acquiring New Users

As an entrepreneur, I've always been focused on acquiring new users and expanding my reach, but it's only recently that I've realized the importance of taking care of the people who are already using my app. The idea of marketing being more like farming than hunting, which I came across in "The 1-Page Marketing Plan" book, has really hit home for me. It's made me see that I need to shift my focus to nurturing my existing relationships to build a strong, loyal user base.

With that in mind, I've decided to invest my time and effort into developing better email pipelines to nurture these existing relationships. My new automated email campaigns will help guide users on how to use the app and provide an opportunity for them to share feedback on their experiences. By understanding the needs and pain points of my existing customers, I can address their concerns and provide better solutions for them. While this approach will require setting up email analytics to measure success, I believe that the effort will pay off in the long run by fostering a deeper relationship with my customers and ultimately growing the business.

A tighter focus on Obsidian users

Recently, I decided to update the main title of my website from "A scratchpad for connected notes" to "A scratchpad that syncs with Obsidian". The reason behind this change was to enable me to provide a better solution for a more specific group of people. By focusing on Obsidian users who are struggling with capturing fleeting ideas, I can tailor my marketing efforts to this specific audience, and get a greater results This approach allows me to hone in on solving this particular problem for Obsidian users, rather than being stretched too thin trying to serve a broader audience.

At this point, I feel it is essential to establish Fleeting Notes as the go-to solution for capturing ideas for Obsidian users before moving on to serve other niches such as Logseq users. By dominating this niche of Obsidian users, I can build a strong, loyal customer base and grow my business in the long run. This more targeted approach will enable me to create a solid foundation for the brand and provide a valuable service to a specific set of people who are in need of it.

A greater focus on customer happiness

Over the past two weeks, I've realized that my focus on the far-off future of Fleeting Notes has caused me to lose sight of what the business needs to be right now. Instead of chasing metrics like MRR and new feature releases, I need to concentrate on making customers happy. Shifting my attention to this area over the last couple of weeks has resulted in some impressive results, including a decrease in churn rate by nearly 50%, and stabilization of the monthly recurring revenue at around $316 MRR. Overall, I'm feeling pretty satisfied with where I am, though I do wish I had more hours in the day to work on this. Here's a graph of my subscription churn rate.