A firebase functionfirebase functionCloud Functions for Firebase is a serverless framework that lets you automatically run backend code in response to events triggered by Firebase features and HTTPS requests. https://firebase.google.com/docs/functions that is triggered whenever a new stripe customer is added from the firebase stripe extension. The function then updates the supabase table with the correct stripe_customer_id.


  1. Firebase function is triggered
  2. The supabase_user_id is queried using the firebase_user_id
  3. If a supabase_user_id exists, then upserts the supabase_user_id along with the stripe_customer_id into a table.
exports.update_stripe_customer_id = functions.firestore.document('customers/{uid}').onWrite(async (change, context) => {
  const stripeId = change.after.data()?.stripeId;
  const firebaseUid = context.params.uid
  if (stripeId) {
	const { data: { id: supabaseUid } } = await supabase.from('user_data')
			.eq("firebase_uid", firebaseUid)
	if (supabaseUid) {
		await supabase.from('stripe')
			id: supabaseUid,
			stripe_customer_id: stripeId