reuse code for efficiency and maintainability

In coding, the goal is to notes/get things done mentalityget things done mentalityWe have a goal and we take the shortest path to accomplish that goal. We don't let tasks that don't advance us towards our goal as fast as possible distract us. Related: * notes/simple solutions are often the best * notes/time is the most valuable resource and the shortest path to this is by being efficient. One way to be efficient is to not reinvent the wheeldont reinvent the wheelOur society is built on the infrastructure of the past. We want to use that infrastructure to propel us even further and not spend time re-building that infrastructure. and use interoperable componentsinteroperable components are efficientBecause interoperabile components are self-contained, they can be reused in different situations and are easily maintainable (changing one, updates all). Related: notes/reuse code for efficiency and maintainability