🗞 Fleeting Notes Newsletter: Inside the Development JourneyThis is the start of my newsletter and will be the last newsletter you receive unless you subscribe. In this newsletter, I'll be sharing note worthy articles relevant to Fleeting Notes as well as an inside look at the direction I'm planning to take the app in the future. I've recently open sourced Fleeting Notes and made the code available to everyone.** See my journey that brought me to this decision below. A sneak peak on the fresh UI** and the steps needed to release a full 1.0 release of FlHow secure is Fleeting Notes syncWhen notes are sent to the server, they're transferred through SSL. Within the server, notes will be stored in plain text. For an added layer of security, end-to-end encryption can be enabled. This makes notes inaccessible by us or any potential eavesdroppers such as your internet service provider. We use industry-standard AES-256 to encrypt your data for E2EE. AES-256 is a military-grade encryption specification that's widely used in for example online banking.End to end encryption in Fleeting NotesPrivacy and security are a big concern for many users. Especially with something as personal as note-taking this is doubly important. In a survey within my discord channel, for every person that wanted markdown support in Fleeting Notes, 7 people wanted end-to-end encryption. With such high demand for E2EE, I had no choice but to work hard to add this crucial feature into the application. end-to-end encryption discord poll Enabling E2EE in Fleeting Notes 1. Navigate to the settings in the FleEmbracing the Future: My Journey with Open Sourcing a Note-taking appopen-sourcing-github.png Today, I want to share with you my journey and decision to open source my note-taking app, Fleeting Notes. Open sourcing an app is a big step and it can be difficult to let go of control and trust that others will use and improve upon your work in a positive way. But as I've come to realize, trust is a two-way street. If I want others to trust my work, I need to be willing to trust them in return. And that's exactly why I've decided to open source Fleeting Notes. In th