clutter slows us down

Having clutter makes it difficult to find things or gives us less space to do what we need to do. As a result, it slows us down.

Also, complicated things usually add clutter which is why simple is often bettersimple solutions are often the bestComplicated solutions often require a lot of time and effort. We want to use the simplest solution that solves our needs and nothing more.


To create useful links, we need to connect, not groupThe focus for creating useful links is on making connections between notes and NOT making groups. Ideas need to be atomic and grouping things doesn't create atomic ideas. When we don't create links atomic links (e.g. [[school]]), there will be many connections with very little meaning, adding clutter.How to Create Useful Links with ZettelkastenThe linking feature of Zettelkasten is one of its most defining features, yet, it's the least understood. Linking ideas should be natural for us, but a lifetime of organization with the tree structure has made it difficult to adopt this new form of organization. To make links useful, we'll need to unlearn our old habits. This is an entire paradigm shift, so don't expect it to be easy. Don't group things, connect them The biggest mistake—and one I've made myself—is linking with categories. In oHow to optimize note-taking for retentionIn the world of marketing, retaining users is often more valuable than attaining users. The same could be said about knowledge. It's often more valuable to retain knowledge rather than acquire new knowledge. But thanks to content overload from the internet, we're constantly bombarded with new information from various sources. It's difficult for us to retain knowledge when we're constantly acquiring new knowledge. The solution to this problem is simple—regularly review past concepts. The issue mI believe Zettelkasten is the future of note organizationThe number one goal with note organization is to make it easy to find notes when we need them. That being said, we often don't know when or what note we need. It's the reason full-text search isn't the single solution to note organization. The problem with grouping That's where folder and tags come into play. We use folders and tags to group similar notes together, but it becomes problematic once we accumulate hundreds of notes. As more notes are taken, more folders/tags are needed. Otherwise,