How to export notes in Fleeting Notes

Note: If you can't find the exported files, you can also use local file syncLocal Sync in Fleeting Notes: A Quick and Easy SetupAre you looking for an easy way to back up your notes in Fleeting Notes? Or perhaps you want to use it with other local file managers like Obsidian MD? Local sync is the solution for you! In this short post, we'll walk you through the simple steps to set it up. But before we dive into the instructions, let's quickly go over some of the benefits of using local sync: * It provides an alternative way to back up your notes in Fleeting Notes. * It allows you to use Fleeting Notes with other local f to export your files in markdown.

  1. Go to the settings and select export format (Markdown or JSON) export fleeting notes
  2. Click the Export button
  3. The file location of the exported files:
    • Web App / Browser Ext: downloads folder
    • iOS: Application Documents Directory
    • Android: Saved in Android/data/com.fleetingnotes/files