Enable end-to-end encryption

Enabling E2EE in Fleeting Notes

  1. Navigate to the settings in the Fleeting Notes application
  2. Find "End-to-end Encryption" and click the "Enable" button
  3. Type in your encryption password (Note: you cannot change this password, and if you forget this password, data will remain unusable forever)
  4. Click "Ok"

Then you're done! End-to-end encryption is enabled. From now on, notes that are saved will be encrypted on the server. Unaccessible by me or anyone without your custom encryption key.

Note: previous notes won't be retroactively encrypted

E2EE with the Obsidian plugin

  1. Navigate to the settings of the plugin
  2. Type the same encryption key you used for in the Fleeting Notes application
  3. Perform the sync!


Fleeting Notes SettingsAccount Login Screen Initial View**: When not logged in, users will be directed to the authentication screen. Here, you can either register for a new account or sign in to an existing one. Signing In**: To sign in, tap the "Sign in" button and enter the required credentials in the provided fields. Password Reset**: If you've forgotten your password or are having trouble signing in, tap the "Trouble signing in" button to initiate the reset process. Pasted image 20230921095925.png Account SettHow secure is Fleeting Notes syncWhen notes are sent to the server, they're encrypted and transferred over the web. Within the server, notes will be stored in plain text. For an added layer of security, end-to-end encryption can be enabled. This makes notes inaccessible by us or any potential eavesdroppers such as your internet service provider. We use industry-standard AES-256 to encrypt your data for end-to-end encryption. AES-256 is a military-grade encryption specification that's widely used in for example online banking.How to take Fleeting Notes through SMS or phone calls1. Register or Log In: Visit Fleeting Notes and log in or create an account. 1. Subscribe: Opt for the premium or believer plan to unlock this feature. 1. Text or Call: Once subscribed, text or call +1 (888) 789 2360 to dictate your note and see it automatically populate in Fleeting Notes. 1. Sync with Obsidian: While optional, you can follow this guide to sync your notes with Obsidian for a streamlined experience. Fleeting Notes Phone Number: +1 (888) 789 2360 Disclaimer Please note that notObsidian Plugin SettingsAuthentication Account**: Easily sign in or out of your Fleeting Notes account. Encryption Key**: This key encrypts your notes. If set in the app, ensure it's also set here to view your notes. Pasted image 20230921102016.png Sync Settings Notes Folder Location**: Designate a folder for storing and organizing notes. Attachments Folder Location**: Designate a folder for storing attachments. Automatic Sync**: Notes sync automatically upon startup and every 30 minutes. Sync Type**: Choose the syCreate Notes in Obsidian via SMS or Phone Call with Fleeting NotesWe've been listening intently to your feedback, and we're excited to introduce a feature that is set to revolutionize your note-taking experience. Leveraging the universal integration of phone and SMS services, we've crafted a way for you to create notes in Obsidian through SMS or a simple phone call, facilitated by the Fleeting Notes app. And the best part? This opens up note-taking capabilities through platforms like Apple Watch, Siri, Google Assistant, WearOS, and more! What’s New We are br