Release a New Version

  1. Checkout a new in the format version-x.x.x
  2. Run the bumpversion script and specify version number
./ 1.2.3
  1. Push the new commit created by the bumpversion script and tags to the repository.
git push
git push --tags
  1. Wait for the build to finish running then test that the apps work
  2. Use these assets to distribute app on see "Release Checklist" below.
    1. For iOS: drag and drop the "build/ios/ipa/*.ipa" bundle into the Apple Transport macOS app
    2. For Firefox: You'll need to add the source code (because we submit minified version) & add the steps to release from clean env
    3. For Safari: Run ./, then open safari folder in XCode and go to Product > Archive.
  3. Create a github release and add the CHANGELOG to the description.
  4. Merge the PR and publish the github release once you send everything to review and you've gone through the release checklist